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Convert Facebook to mp4, mp3, and mute video

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Facebook Downloader Features

Free Use

No registration required, unlimited downloads.

Online Tool

Open the website to use, and no need to install APP.

High Quality

Save Facebook videos in higher resolutions.

Different resolutions of the same Facebook video

HD video downloader for Facebook

This online downloader can help you download Facebook videos of various resolutions. The following is the resolution it supports:

  • low definition: 144p, 240p, 360p
  • SD: 480p
  • HD: 720p
  • Full-HD: 1080p
  • 2K(QHD): 1440
  • 4K(ultra HD): 2160p

Download Facebook video by link

Tap the video share button, choose “copy link” on the popup interface. The video link will save to your clipboard.

After that, paste the video link to the search bar and press the start button. The Facebook video download will start.

Copy Facebook video link from the share interface
Facebook to mp4 video

Facebook to mp4 converter

Mp4 is the short name of MPEG-4 Part 14. It’s one of the best video formats to holds both video and audio in smaller file sizes. Thus Save Facebook video in mp4 format is more suitable for mobile with small storage.

Although the mp4 format can store video in a smaller space, it does not lose its quality. That’s the reason why almost all video players and streaming websites support it.

Convert Facebook video to mp4, and you have to don’t worry about your video player can’t play it.

Download Facebook video to mp3 format

Not everyone pays attention to the video, and they pay more attention to audio or soundtrack.

Not only that, in some videos, the sounds are more attractive. Such as some clips with elegant soundtracks, music videos, classic movie dialogue.

Convert Facebook videos to mp3, and you can listen to them on professional audio players. That way, you can get a better audio experience.

convert fb videos to mp3
Website downloaderfb.com on computer

Facebook downloader for pc

Download Facebook video on a computer without installing video download software? Yes, try this online video downloader.

You can open it on any computer, even a public PC that doesn’t have admin rights because it’s a web-based tool.

For this reason, it works on any device, whether Windows, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, or smartphone. But they should have a web browser installed at first.


How to copy and paste a video link?

Copy a video link:

On desktop pc:

Enlarge the video on the Facebook website you want to download, move your mouse to the address bar.

Hold your left key and select the full URL, then press “ctrl+c” on your keyboard.

On the Facebook App of Android or iPhone:

Find the video you want to download, tap the share button, select “copy link” in the popup menu.

Paste a video link:

On a computer:

Move your mouse to the search bar, and Right-click it, choose the “paste” option.

On an Android and iPhone:

Move your finger to the search field, tap and hold, the context menu will come out, then select “paste.”

Where can I find the downloaded FB videos?

After the video download is complete, the browser will push a notification. You can click the message to locate the video file.

Dose the downloader works on mobile devices?

Yes. The downloader not only works on computers but also on Android and iPhone.

But you should confirm you have installed a web browser on your Smartphones.

Why my video player can’t play the mute video?

That is because the muted version of Facebook video encodes with H.264 – MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1). There are three ways to fix this:

  • Install the H.264 – MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1) codec.
  • Download and install the VLC player.
  • Play the video in your web browser.

Why there’s no HQ video download option?

That is because the video uploaded to Facebook by the author is not HD.

The video download links are all from official Facebook. If the original video hosted by Facebook is not HD resolution, there will be no HD download option.

How to download the Facebook video cover?

This Facebook video downloader has an extra feature: download video thumbnails.

There’s an image on the popup video download interface, and that’s the video cover.

You can save it by right click on the computer or long tap the image on mobile.

What type of video link does the downloader work?

Currently, we support the following link type:


If you find a link that cannot download, you can report it to us.